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    1. Bjork

      Bj?rk, Demystified

      The interview site The Talks scored a new one-on-one with Bj?rk, who, to promote her new album Utopia, sheds her usual crypticisms to talk openly about herself. She even edges into socio-politics, alluding to gender equality, diversity, and conservancy — albeit in her own Bj?rk-ian way. For example, did you know her father is helping rewrite Iceland's constitution? Here's that nugget...

      "(My father) was a union leader here in Iceland for decades and is now part of a radical group that is writing a new constitution for Iceland. I think for a long time I probably countered that, I felt it was too obvious. But then in the last 20 years or so, I have made sure I spend a big portion of my time protecting the nature in Iceland. I think any time society goes through transformation there are talks about end of the world, like when London was black with coal, no one could imagine a future without it. When they discovered the sewer system in Paris, it was the same. So we have to imagine a future where we clean the oceans, or go fully solar or wind-powered… If millions can swap from iPhone 6 to 7 in the space of weeks — then we can do it."

      Click over to The Talks for more gems.

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      Nov 28, 2017 17:28:00

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