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    1. Red Hot Cocks

      Gratuitous Pics of the Red Hot C*cks Calendar

      Over five years, four calendars, and two art books, UK photographer Thomas Knights has scouted some of the hottest gingers anywhere.

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      Dec 08, 2017 14:09:00
      Hans Langseth

      The Longest Beard Ever Recorded

      The beard belonging to Hans Nilsen Langseth — aka King Whiskers — is the longest on record at 17 feet 6 inches, although his descendants claim another foot.

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      Dec 03, 2017 13:18:00

      Meet Bj?rk's Make-Up Artist

      Precious little is known about Hungry, Bj?rk's make-up artist, other than a few morsels scattered about her social-media plate. What we know is this: She's German, studied fashion design in Berlin, interned with Vivienne Westwood in London, calls her particular brand of art "distorted drag," and fancies herself a pearlographer.

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      Nov 30, 2017 19:53:00

      Bj?rk, Demystified

      The interview site The Talks scored a new one-on-one with Bj?rk, who, to promote her new album Utopia, sheds her usual crypticisms to talk openly about herself. She even edges into socio-politics, alluding to gender equality, diversity, and conservancy — albeit in her own Bj?rk-ian way. For example, did you know her father is helping rewrite Iceland's constitution? Here's that nugget...

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      Nov 28, 2017 17:28:00
      National Geographic, Around the World in 125 Years

      Around the World in 125 Years

      For generations, National Geographic has captivated and educated with its epic photographs from all corners of the planet, combining travel, portraiture, costume, and conservation.

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      Nov 27, 2017 09:53:00
      Pascal van Loenhout

      Head Hunting

      Six years since the release of his first photography book, Pascal van Loenhout is back with a second monograph, UN/CUT (Stockmans, 50€). Across 185 pages, the Antwerp-based hair designer concocted bobs, bangs, and blunts — letting it all hang out.

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      Nov 22, 2017 14:09:00

      The NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

      Now in its fifth year, the 2018 calendar ($14.99) showcases another bevy of actual cabbies striking cheeky, body-positive poses. The annual project benefits the University Settlement of New York City, providing housing and education to immigrant families.

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      Nov 21, 2017 17:40:00
      Azzedine Ala?a and Madonna, photo Steven Meisel

      Friends Remember Azzedine Ala?a

      Celebrities, models, and friends of the late Azzedine Ala?a remember the maverick couturier...

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      Nov 20, 2017 12:00:00
      Azzedine Ala?a and Grace Jones

      RIP Azzedine Ala?a

      Azzedine Ala?a has died in Paris at the age of 82, the French Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion announced today. It's thought the maverick couturier died suddenly from heart failure.

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      Nov 18, 2017 11:22:00

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