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    1. Gucci-Dapper Dan

      Making Peace: Gucci and Dapper Dan

      The history of Dapper Dan, dubbed the Tailor of Harlem, and Gucci was a sordid tale in the 80s and 90s involving a string of knock-offs and lawsuits. It culminated with a counter knock-off in 2017, when Alessandro Michele put a look identical to a Dapper Dan creation on the runway. Turns out that was an olive branch as Gucci and Dapper Dan have now made both peace and a collaboration.

      The first collection between Dapper Dan and Gucci has just become available online and in select international Gucci stores."Featuring young personalities from the neighborhood together with models wearing the ready-to-wear and accessories of the Gucci-Dapper Dan collection," said the brand in a release, "the lookbook pays homage to the celebrated designer's heritage." That means all-over interlocking GG logos, old-school woven chains, one-off prints, baggy leather silhouettes, and other look inspired by archival imagery of Dapper Dan's custom pieces.

      Gucci-Dapper Dan at gucci.com and select Gucci stores

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      Jul 21, 2018 14:22:00

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