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    1. Hungry

      Meet Bj?rk's Make-Up Artist

      Precious little is known about Hungry, Bj?rk's make-up artist, other than a few morsels scattered about her social-media plate. What we know is this: She's German, studied fashion design in Berlin, interned with Vivienne Westwood in London, calls her particular brand of art "distorted drag," and fancies herself a pearlographer.

      Most recently, Hungry's surreal vision was utilized for the cover of Bjork's new album Utopia, for which the chanteuse's face was "painted and pearled" in eerie crypto-cosmic fashion. Meanwhile, Bjork's mask-maker James Merry created a silicone contraption modeled after an orchid. Together, they're keeping Bj?rk exquisitely preternatural.

      Hungry on Instagram, Facebook

      Bj?rk, Utopia

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      Nov 30, 2017 19:53:00

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