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    1. National Geographic, Around the World in 125 Years

      Around the World in 125 Years

      For generations, National Geographic has captivated and educated with its epic photographs from all corners of the planet, combining travel, portraiture, costume, and conservation.

      Now, adapted from Taschen's 'Around the World in 125 Years,' two volumes have been rereleased in XL format. In Europe and Asia & Oceania, readers will discover Japan’s naked festival, witness the eruption of Surtsey in Iceland, take in the majesty of the Taj Mahal, and take a dip in the serene blue waters of the Greek Islands.

      National Geographic: Around the World in 125 Years (Europe, Asia & Oceania)

      Papua New Guinea, 2000, photo Jodi Cobb

      Norway, 1977, photo Erik Borg

      Afghanistan, 1977, photo Thomas J Abercrombie

      Romania, 2013, photo Rena Effendi

      Iraq, 1984, photo Steve McCurry 

      Hungary, circa 1930, photo Rudolf Balogh

      Japan, 1946, photo Horace Bristol

      Austria, 1958, Volkmar K Wentzel

      Spain, 1983, photo Stephanie Maze

      Syria, 1954, photo David S Boyer

      Vatican City, 1971, photo Albert Moldvay

      Indonesia, 1988, photo Charles O’Rear

      India, 1993, photo Steve Mc Curry

      Spain, 1991, photo David Alan Harvey

      Afghanistan, 1974, photo Thomas J Abercrombie

      Alaska, circa 1900, photo Carl Lomen

      California, 1930s, photo B Anthony Stewart

      India, circa 1921, photo Maynard Owen Williams

      New Jersey, 1960, photo Volkmar K Wentzel

      Romania, 1974, photo Winfield Parks

      United Arab Emirates, 2016, photo Maggie Steber

      New York, 1963, photo Thomas Nebbia

      Laos, 1961, photo W. E. Garrett

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