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    1. Glam Rick

      Today was surprisingly upbeat for Rick Owens, but less so if you’d seen his Instagram posts over the last few days. He teased an image of Kiss followed by a clothing label marked “L.LeGaspi,inc NEW YORK.” Larry LeGaspi was the designer behind the looks for Kiss and the 70s girl group Labelle. Owens has been thinking a lot about LeGaspi of late, and for good reason: he's working on a book about him.

      Though, we didn’t need a clothing label to tell us this was glam rock — or rather, glam Rick. We could tell from the stacked heels, the casual oversized bags dragged down the runway across the floor like a carcass, and the oddly placed shearling backs on early looks, which brought to mind Odysseus escaping the Cyclops.

      The music was predominantly shoegaze, with a bit of rock thrown in, the finale announced by a sludgy version of Abba's Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! It was eclectic, if not celebratory. A new and tangible feeling had been injected into the Owens formula, and we couldn’t be happier. 

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      Jan 17, 2019 19:23:00

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